Tuesday, August 24, 2010

Down The Rabbit Hole

You open your eyes and a blonde girl approaches you.

Wow! A visitor approaches!
Hi there, my name is Gretel! This is Arcana Suit, a place of untapped dreams waiting to come out. I'm going to be your host for day one, There isn't much going on so I'm sad to say this is what you'll see for now.  For now let me introduce my younger brother!

...Gretel, stop talking to strangers.
What do you think will happen if the Maestra sees you slacking off?

Aw! Don't be a party pooper lil' bro. They came all this way to visit us!
At least show a little consideration.

Well whatever the case. I'm Hansel, this place isn't for living people to be in.
But what do I care? It's not like you guys are going to listen to me.


Please visit us again! It gets really lonely in here.
It's better to have someone else than my lil bro around this area.
Until then, please take care!

The dream vanished like smoke and nothing was left...